How To set Good Habits 3.0

How To Set Good Habits 3.0
Patrick Stroupe
January 13, 2023
How To set Good Habits 3.0


I think most of us know the KISS acronym. No, we aren't talking about the band. "Keep It Simple Stupid."At this point in life, you've probably learned a little bit about saving and investing. According to Business Insider "The average savings account in the US has an interest rate of 0.24%, according to data from the FDIC." Now, if we are talking about money, a traditional savings account isn't really the way to go if you're looking for a good return on investment, but we are going to use it as a reference for how much small increments can help you build lasting habits!While .24% might not be good for building wealth, the idea of building habits in small increments yields a huge ROI. When looking at the big picture, building a habit can be overwhelming. That's why we need to break it down into small increments. Let's use an example:If you're not a book reader, but want to start reading more, you don't want to just go out and grab the longest novel you've ever heard of and dive right into it. You'd probably start and not even make it through half of it before giving up or falling asleep like me. Change your approach a little. Start with reading for 1 minute on the first day. On day two, read for 2 minutes, and so on.Long-lasting habits, like investments, aren't achieved in one lump sum. They're built by making smaller investments over a longer period of time. So, approach building your habits as you would when thinking about long-term wealth. After all, investing in yourself isn't too much different than managing your money and focusing on long-term wealth.  

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