Patrick Stroupe

Patrick Stroupe



Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist

About Coach

I played basketball in high school but was a scrawny awkward kid who got picked on a lot. So, after high school, I started strength training. I wanted to change my physique to find my self-confidence. Shortly after that, I found beach volleyball. I fell in love with the sport and played well into my 30s and flirted with trying to go pro. Unfortunately, that didn't work out after being plagued with some chronic injuries. So, I found myself diving back into training. I had a few friends through the years who suggested that I become a personal trainer after seeing how passionate I was about training. I usually shrugged it off because of my lack of self-confidence. I worked as a bartender for about 10 years starting in 2009. One of my regulars was a gym owner and personal trainer. He talked me into finally giving it a try and even gave me a job at his studio when I became certified. I haven't looked back since. I've been a personal trainer since 2014 and I love it every single day! I have 3 mantras that surround the gym: Strength, Community, and Mindset. We focus on getting STRONG. We get strong while surrounding ourselves with a like-minded COMMUNITY. We change our outlook and MINDSET in the process.

Turning Point

I was picked on a lot as a kid. I was small, nerdy, and very socially awkward. I was just unsure of myself. I started strength training in order to change my physique and how I felt about myself. I liked to work hard so, naturally, I gravitated towards the hard work it took in the gym to get results. When I started seeing how my body was changing I was hooked. Training completely elevated my life in so many ways and I am so glad that I found it.

Motivation & Passion

I want to help people find their way on their own fitness journey. I love showing people how strength training can elevate every aspect of their life. I want to show people that being strong isn't just for the beefy bros in the gym. Being strong helps your performance and longevity throughout life.

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