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Ooooooo Portion Control Oooo

Can we take it back to 1997 real quick and remember "the song that shall not be named" from Lords of Acid....? OK. Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about "Portion Control".

To the right is what most of your 3 meals per day should consist of.

Ladies, your portion will be a bit smaller. Veggie source, carb source, and protein source. There is a small amount of fat in the oven roasted chicken and I added a serving of Smart Balance light butter to the potatoes. Also in the potatoes is curry and paprika.

When looking for fat loss, adding more veggies and lean protein sources are a great start. These will help you feel fuller and more satisfied. If you're training hard, you'll need the protein to help rebuild your muscle and the veggies will help with digestion and absorption of those much needed nutrients.

Now, Show me your portions, show them to me!

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