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I'm Not Sure What To Do With My Hands?

Do you ever just want to give up on your diet or curse the idea that you need to count your calories with absolute precision to get results? I think I'd rather take my chances driving a 1969 Chevelle with a mountain lion riding shotgun. I'll take a hard pass (slingshot engaged) on that one. That sounds terrible.

Truth be told, I know we've all been there. We're out looking for a miracle diet to help fix our problem. The problem is that it's not the diet. It's us. We're the problem. Our behavior is what we need to fix.

We develop this psychological fixation on finding a miracle diet that works for all the celebrities and we buy into this nonsense. How many millions of dollars do we waste on pills, fad diets, and miracle booty workouts that claim to get you the results you're looking for? How many times have they worked and for how long? Why do we have these ideas that we are supposed to look a certain way?

This is like trying to race with only one or two gears. It will rocket you off the starting line, but you won't get very far without blowing your engine with only two gears. Dieting shouldn't be perceived as a short race, but more of a lifelong marathon. So, why are we so consumed with the short game when it comes to dieting and personal appearance?

Change the way you think about dieting and how you see yourself.

It's good to want to achieve short term goals, but eventually we should switch our focus to long term success and longevity. Sustainability will always be the number one factor when determining success with a diet. Create good habits that are simple and that you can see yourself sustaining throughout life and understand that we all have different body types. It's also OK to tighten things up a bit if you're goals are more aesthetic (competing), but for most people maintaining a healthy balance with food and kicking a** in the gym will render the performance and aesthetic goals you're looking for. This will also help build confidence in you and your abilities. Train to be the best version of YOU.

Below is a portion control guide from Precision Nutrition. It's been one of the best and most effective answers I've come across when coaching others how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Simplicity, sustainability, and you'll finally figure out what to do with your hands!

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