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How Many Meals Should I Eat Per Day?

This question gets asked a lot and for good reason. There is so much conflicting information out there and it gets really confusing. Should I eat 3 meals per day? I thought eating 6 plus smaller meals per day speeds up my metabolism? Does intermittent fasting work? If I eat this food will it help me burn fat? What about Keto?

Those are just some of the ideas that get kicked around in our heads like a soccer ball in the world cup. While eating more frequent smaller meals does NOT speed up your metabolism, it might be beneficial for certain individuals. It may help them feel fuller and control cravings; just like eating 3 meals might work better for others. Or maybe you're one of those people who likes intermittent fasting and can survive on unicorn blood ☕ all day until dinner and smash one meal the size of the buffet at Golden Corral. I commend you if you can sustain that!Finally, Keto has become a very popular dieting practice. Research has shown some pretty impressive benefits for improving certain medical conditions like Alzheimer's, epilepsy, and cancer, but we are talking specifically about fat loss. It's the same as any other diet, it might work for you or it might not.

To simplify things, all diets are individually based. Meaning there is no diet better than the other. You have to find what dieting habits work for you. If you want fat loss, make sure you're in a caloric deficit.

The most important factor is finding the diet that you can sustain for the long term and remember....there are absolutely NO magical foods that burn fat! Eat your vegetables!

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