"Patrick literally changed my life. I know, that sounds like hyperbole, but my entire perspective on exercise has changed. I've lost about 30 pounds (and still losing), getting stronger, and feel fantastic. He's so supportive, helpful and knowledgeable all while still being a fun guy to work out with. I wouldn't train with anyone else!" - Julie N.

"For the last couple of years I have been challenged trying to get into shape. I was tired of chasing the scale, which has become much harder as I have gotten older. My primary goal was not so much weight loss (though important) but overall fitness. This includes strength, balance, and just overall improvement in my quality of life.When I met with Patrick I was very impressed in how he shared that same philosophy, so I had no issue with signing up with him. I can state that in the few months I have been working with Patrick I see a real change. I feel stronger, with a better quality of life and my clothes fit better. The change is just unbelievable. 
What I continue to be impressed with is Patrick's patience, knowledge and quick response to any questions I have. He is a great partner and I look forward to continue to work with him for a long time." - Claire K.

"I have never been able to a stick to a workout. Gyms, home workouts, yoga, running - nothing has stuck. *Until* I met Patrick from a friend's referral. I haven't canceled an appointment (this might not sound like a big deal, but for me - it is). Patrick never makes me feel like I'm competing against anyone but myself - and his constant encouragement is what keeps me going. I told him during my consultation that I was difficult to motivate but he's risen to the challenge. My mom's quote: "He's worth his weight in gold." And that would be true, only if he weighed a million pounds - really, he's priceless. Thank you, Patrick! You're making me into someone who works out... which I never thought was possible. xoxo!" - Dale Marie.

"Patrick is a great trainer! If you are looking to lose some lbs while still gaining strength in a fun supportive environment, get in touch with him." - Jon P.

"Training with Patrick has been an enjoyable and results bound experience. He creates an environment that is positive, encourages, grains, and individualizes the training. My main goal is to be a stronger well balanced runner; training with Patrick helps me become stronger mentally and physically! He is also very flexible and easy to get a hold of. 100% recommend!" - Stephanie A.


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